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The Florence creates a stunning and sophisticated additional living space for your caravan, whilst the vista front creates a bay-style window giving you additional room. The Florence caravan awning has been designed for those year-round tourers and permanent pitchers. Vango’s Sentinel TenCate fabric is ideal for residential pitching, whilst the Vango Draught Seal System ensures there are no poles to damage your caravan if you aren’t on site.


Features and Specifications:

  • Weight: 38.5 KG.
  • Pack Size: 78 x 53 x 49 (CM) (L x W x D).
  • Length: 320 CM.
  • Width: 415 CM.
  • Kador Height: 236 – 250 CM.
  • Vango Air Awning® Structure: Inflatable AirBeam® technology allows for pole free pitching and easy erection on the caravan site.
  • Sentinel Pro 420 Fabric: Featuring 420 denier double ripstop threads, our Sentinel Pro fabric has superior strength and long-lasting durability, combined with PU technical coatings make exceptionally waterproof.
  • Bracer Beams Included: Fits between the awnings main AirBeams® to enhance stability in high winds.
  • Foam Draught Pad Included: Fit against caravan to reduce draughts and create neat fit.
  • Looped Kador Strips: Loops at either end of Kador strip to aid when threading the awning through your rail. Loops can be hooked to suction pad to minimise movement
  • PVC Draught Skirt & 2 Wheel Arch Covers Included: Reduces draughts from coming in under the caravan into the awning.
  • Draught Bridge: Created from the body fabric of the awning, this connects the foam protection pad to form a soft, non-damaging, draught proof seal between your caravan and Vango awning.
  • AirSpeed® Valve: Simple system with easy access positioning to inflate your AirBeams® with even less effort.
  • Webbing Storm Straps Included: Provides secure guying at the front of the awning.
  • Line-Lok Guyline Runners: Lock securely, simple to release and high performance in all conditions.
  • PVC Mud Strip: Positioned around base of awning for easy cleaning.
  • Adjustable Pegging Points: Allows awning to be pitched perfectly on uneven surfaces.
  • Zipped Privacy Curtains: Simple and quick to use, allow varying levels of opening. Fitted to the flysheet with no gaps, simply roll down into a pocket.
  • Diamond Clear Windows: Maximise light and visibility by providing a bright and airy environment.
  • Reflective Webbing: Picks up torchlight so the pegging points are easily spotted in low light conditions.
  • Flexi Door: Adjust to be fully or half open, or completely removed.
  • Flat Entry: Easy access for wheelchairs, prams and people with reduced mobility.
  • Mesh Side Windows with PVC Covers: Improves ventilation.
  • Heavyweight Zips on Doors: Enhances waterproofness.
  • Zip Covers: Enhances child safety and weather resistance.
  • Fully Taped Seams: All flysheet seams are factory taped which provides a watertight seal.
  • AirBeam® Pump Included: Double action pump that will rapidly inflate your awning. Complete with pressure dial. 

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