Vango Balletto Air 390 Elements ProShield Caravan Awning 2022

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The Balletto 390 features Vango’s revolutionary AirBeam Single Point Inflation and Multi-Point Deflation technology, making for a quick pitch and pack up, leaving you with more time to enjoy your holiday. Created with Elements ProShield fabric, a weather resistant and highly durable fabric, with ColorLok technology to give your awning looking colourful after long exposure to outside UV light.

Specifications and Features:

  • Weight: 30 KG.
  • Pack Size: 92 x 34 x 33 (CM) (L x W x H).
  • Kador Connection Height: 236 – 250 CM.
  • Height: 192 CM.
  • Length: 250 CM.
  • Width: 390 CM.
  • Fabric: Elements ProShield.
  • Flexi Door: Adjust to be fully or half open, or completely removed for maximum flexibility.
  • Split Access Door: The 60/40 split of the side door allows you to roll a section away for quick entry. Comes with mesh door.
  • Easy Access Doors: A flat entry access door creates easy access for wheelchairs, prams and people with reduced mobility.
  • Bracer Beams Included: Small AirBeams® secured in between main AirBeam® structure for enhanced stability.
  • PVC Mud Strip: Positioned around base of awning for easy cleaning.
  • Diamond Pro Windows: 67% thicker than our Diamond Clear windows, they provide additional insulation and clearer views.
  • Steel Rock Pegs Included: Pegs are strong, durable and can be used on more challenging terrain. Supplied with a handy carry bag.
  • Adjustable Pegging Points: Allows awning to be pitched perfectly on uneven surfaces.
  • SkyTrack® II: A flexible hanging system which allows you to easily attach lighting, storage or SkyLiners. The SkyTrack system allows you to customise your awning to suit your needs.
  • Supplied with Pack of 10 Sky Hooks: Simply slide on to the SkyTrack® System to hang storage or lights.
  • Reflective Webbing Straps: Additional stability for your awning in strong winds. Simply clip onto the pre-attached buckles and peg into the ground to secure.
  • Multi-Privacy Zip Curtains: Simple and easy to use, creating soft lines and various options of opening.
  • AirBeam® Single Point Inflation: With 10 years’ experience of AirBeam® development and testing, Vango introduces single point inflation, a new and revolutionary feature for quick and easy inflation through the AirSpeed S.I Pro valve.
  • Vango Draught Seal System: Our Patent Pending Draught Seal System creates a tight seal between the awning and your caravan, ensuring no draughts come into your awning. This eliminates the need for any poles, which may potentially have damaged your caravan.
  • SuperBeams™: Larger diameter beams providing additional structure and stability to the awning.
  • Elements ProShield: Extremely robust and durable, Elements ProShield is ideal for touring awnings. This high quality, weather-resistant fabric features ColourLok™ technology to aid colour retention
  • Touring Awning: This awning is designed for touring use; it is not designed for static or long-term seasonal pitching as extensive exposure to UV light will cause accelerated fabric degradation.
  • SkyLiners Included: Reduces the effects of condensation and provides a thermal barrier in cold weather.
  • Draught Skirt & Two Wheel Arch Covers Included: Reduce draughts from coming in under the caravan into the awning.

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