Floe Motorhome Drainage Kit

  • Floe Motorhome Drainage Kit

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If you have a motorhome or with an onboard water storage tank, then this is the combo kit for your needs. Floë ensures that you can drain down your motorhome and not only enjoy it throughout the winter months, but ensure you have fresh water, whatever the season.

With its patented technology, Floë simply fits to this adapter kit. The adapter kit comes with a valve to shutoff the water from the tank and a Tee fitting for Floë access.

With the help of a foot pump or 12/240 volt tyre compressor you will be able to purge water to prevent frozen lines, pumps and taps etc in winter. As it takes no time at all to use, you can also use the kit to clear lines of older stagnant water preventing the possibility of disease such as Legionnaires and have fresh drinking water every time you use your motorhome.

A must have tool for every motorhome enthusiast. Floë also comes with UK water tap connector, a 1/2" reducer and full instructions, so that you can use the device to winterise your home, garden hoses and powerhoses etc. To find out more on how to drain down your property, please see our video demonstrations on our products page and technical support videos on our support page. If you have a continental motorhome with braided pipe work system that resembles a garden hose type material, then you will also need the Floe Continental Kit APT 1114, all of which are simply push fit.

Please do not pressurise system to more than 15PSI and always read instructions thoroughly before use.

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